Thursday, September 15, 2005


We're still in Channel Island's Harbor.....but we have a set-sail date now - woohoo! November 1st (weather permitting) is our date. Everyone knows we were insistent on selling our shop before leaving, but that just didn't happen. So, thanks to Michael's Dad who is moving out from Palm Springs to run the shop in our absence and a fantastic new manager for the store, we're heading south. This is my first post to the Slog, and more will come, especially when we're out sailing.

Right now we're frantic to finish everything we can to be ready to go. We've had a few hiccups that weren't on the 'calendar' to contend with - crashed hard drive, stolen purse, water in the generator - but all in all, we're still on target.

Anyway, keep in touch, if I don't have your e-mail, be sure to send me a little note and you'll get on the e-mail list. More to write later...


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