Monday, December 3, 2007

Countdown...17 days 12.3.07

Hi there!

We've been busy, busy preparing for setting sail. It's going to be an extremely busy couple of weeks! It seems every evening we have something going on; going-away parties with friends, we have the Channel Island's annual "Parade of Lights" celebration on the 8th that we have a front row seat for and will have a group of friends on the boat, Rene has a server/laptop upgrade at work on the weekend of the 7th, Chad moves on the boat on the 15th - whew! Where is the time going!?!

Michael has been doing so much, it's impossible to list everything. He has been completing those nagging smaller projects that never seem to go away. Each day he crosses several items off of the list, and more seem to make their way on. It's like building or remodeling a house - it will never be completely finished, you just seem to get to a spot where it's acceptable to stop. We've had some weird weather out here - rain, wind, etc that seems to trip us up. Saturday we were supposed to hang the main sail and tune the mizzen mast and it was just too windy so that was delayed. Instead, we both got onto a cleaning mode - I wish I could say 'everything' was scrubbed, but no such luck. But, some key parts of the boat, walls, cabinets, ceilings, etc. were scrubbed clean. Also, both Michael & I pulled out all of the items in the heads (bathrooms) and made sure 1. the item would be used, 2. there was enough of it, 3. nothing was missing. We laughed as we found about 4 bottles of hair gel, hair spray, etc. Those were quickly tossed in the trash.

We also cleaned out a couple drawers & a hanging locker up forward for Chad to use. He should feel very special - those were precious storage spots and we ended up moving items to other cupboards or getting rid of other items to find more spots for the misplaced items! You might have had to be there when we were holding the items from the hanging locker and said "where is this going to go?"....."Just put it in the other hanging locker"....."where is THIS going to go then?" Finally, we called Chad and told him he would be using our bedding because that was the item that was displaced in the move. haha. :-)

I'll write more later...


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