Saturday, March 15, 2008

Good news, bad news 3.15.08

OK, the bad news first... Michael went for his follow-up appointment with the Ortho on Friday and was given bad news - he has a torn miniscus and requires surgery to fix it. As you can recall, he injured in when we just arrived in Mazatlan and has been in pain since, limping around & not doing much other than rest trying to getting it healed. After our last Dr. appointment though, it's certain, he needs surgery to repair it. Luckily it is an orthoscopic surgery and he won't be put under general anesthesia, but a bummer any way. It has been painful for him since we arrived and is just not getting any better. We are going to visit another Dr. for a second opinion and when Michael is in the states, he'll talk to a good friend about it as well.

On the brighter side, we have a signed contract on the Electric Boat business & will be opening escrow in the next few days. Woohoo!! Michael is flying back to the states on Wednesday and will stay until the following Tuesday getting the documents & info together to open up escrow. A dear friend is letting him stay on their boat & he'll have the Jeep there that is in storage for transportation. He's taking a bunch of stuff back to the states with him - many clothes I brought along that I just don't need and am not using. Plus, an added bonus - he'll be able to pick up some of those 'goodies' that I haven't been able to find here. The most important being Coffee Mate! I guess the Mexicans just don't like flavored coffee as much as I do as they only have plain powdered creamer. So he'll be bringing coffeemate, some parchment paper as I can't find any here, some small parts we can't find here, etc. Of course there's several other items that we can't find here but since we'll only be on board until around the middle of May, there's no use in bringing a lot of it back now.

More to follow...Rene


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