Thursday, December 25, 2008

Feliz Navidad! 12.25.08

Feliz Navidad from Barra de Navidad. We weighed anchor around 10:00 on Christmas day and headed down the coast to Barra. It was another spectacular day. No wind but it was a great motorsail. The coast was beautiful – miles & miles of beach and very few houses. We saw our regulars – whales, dolphins, turtles, lots of fish & birds. Though we never get tired of seeing it! Haha…

We arrived in the lagoon around 4pm or so. The Barra lagoon entrance is incredibly tricky, the opening in the middle of the entrance is only 12ft deep! And keep in mind…our keel is 5’5” down….so you have to pay attention! We were given coordinates in Mazatlan that had waypoints that marked the opening in the channel, as well as a route to follow that we followed to a tee. We also had Lady Hawke ahead of us that we were following and we entered without incident. It’s not uncommon to have a boat on the shoal – leaning awkwardly until they are either pulled off of the shoal, or the tide rises high enough to loosen them up. But we lucky, paying super close attention and made it without incident. Woohoo!

OK, so for our generator issues. We are still struggling, but are doing OK staying on top of it. The battery terminals were cleaned which made a big difference but still the generator is bogging down with different loads which baffles us. We’re ‘band-aiding’ it by running loads differently and seem to be staying on top of things. Just this morning we asked anyone on the net if they had a frequency meter and someone does…so we will try to get him to come over & look at it with us and see if the frequency is off (which has been suggested by the manufacturer). Since we’re in Barra now, we can also have our outboard motor repaired (it’s still running slow and needs to have the carburetor rebuilt) and this is the place so hopefully we can get our repairs while we’re here.

We are going into town this morning to check in with the port captain and try to find an internet café to upload our blogs, photos & videos.

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! We miss you all very much and hope everyone is doing well. We love it out here!

More to follow…


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