Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fishing Tournament 1.22.09

After putting the boat back together for the past couple days & working hard to find jobs for the summer, we needed to relax. Our friends John & Deby on Lovely Reta, Rick & Karen on Eyes of the World, and Mike & Wendy on Boddhistava all from Channel Islands Harbor finally made it into the lagoon and we were so excited to finally be in the same place as them!
There was a big fishing tournament going on at the Grand Bay Hotel and we decided to go over for the weigh-in on the first day of the tournament. Oh yeah, and there were some big fish….marlin, sailfish, & dorado’s.
The entry fee was $3000 US per pole and a minimum of 3 poles per boat and lots of boats! The fishermen were incredibly friendly and we even saw the marina manager of Marina Mazatlan, Jaime, down here!

Oh, and did I mention the Tecate girls?

Many of the cruisers headed up to the marina for the 10 pesos beer and 12 pesos shots of tequila. We had a wonderful time and were doing well with shots of tequila…until a bottle was bought!
Hey, Rick - is that a worm in your tequila??
After that, well, things seem to get fuzzy. Haha… But we had a great time – I even have a video! Of course, I think I’ll keep that one off of the website. But it was great having a good time with old & new friends.

Boats continue to come & go in the lagoon and the average boats here still runs around 30. Pacific Jade headed out to an anchorage called Coletta de Campos and had a lovely experience – a local Mexican family swam out to the boat and invited them to their house for coffee the next day. They went to the house and were immediately adopted and offered the use of anything at the house – the car, food, etc! They had the family out to the boat one afternoon and said it was a wonderful experience. I have to admit, I am very jealous as that is exactly what I am down here to experience. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to experience the same somewhere else.

OK…more to follow!


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