Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The bears are out! 7.8.09

It has happened slowly….but each day it seems we have more chance of seeing bears. Michael has spotted them several times. I have only spotted them twice. But each time it’s more spectacular than before.

Michael had a funny story the other day. He had just dropped me off to get my hair cut & was walking to the chiropractor. He was right in the downtown district and was walking up one of the main streets. A ‘Duck tour’ bus had just stopped at the stop sign and then braked a 2nd time, causing Michael to wonder who had jumped out in front of them. In his peripheral vision, he saw a large black dog running down the street just ahead of him, about 40-50ft. Then he noticed that all of the people on the Duck Bus got up with cameras in hand! He looked ahead of him and that big black dog turned out to be a bear!! It was running at full bore, right at him. He zigged out of his way and the bear took a right hand turn at the corner, around a building, and into a wooded area. Whew! That was a close one! It was even written up in the local newspaper the following day, what a rare sighting! Then another day he was walking one of the hiking trails with his tour when one of them said ‘Is that a bear?’ Michael looked ahead of him and saw a big black hind-end and said ‘Yep!’ It was just walking along on the trail! He’s even seen them crossing the road as he is driving along.

Well, it was my turn to see them. On the 4th of July, me and my group headed out to Herring cove where you can sometimes see them and there were two of them, trudging through the water, trying their best to catch dinner! It was awesome to watch! We even saw one of the bears catch a salmon, it was moving around in its mouth. It was way cool. Of course, I didn't have my camera with me....DOH! But they are out & about and it’s pretty darn exciting when we see them!

Both Michael and I spotted them today, with both cameras in hand! Here's my video and Michael's is second. Too fun!!!

More to follow…


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