Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Getting closer !!

This last week has been fun moving Michael’s Dad, Doug, from Palm Springs. He came to the boat on Sunday and spent a couple days out here getting ready to move (Telephone, Cable, Water, etc) and then on Tuesday we headed up to Palm Springs. Wednesday we packed his stuff into a U-Haul in the 100 degree heat and that evening had dinner with all of the family. While we were in Palm Springs, we attended a trade show on Thursday and stayed at a very nice hotel and enjoyed every minute of the large bed and huge shower – all without the nice ocean movement!! Friday morning we all 3 headed down the road to Oxnard. We unpacked the U-Haul and unpacked some key boxes and then went back to the boat to relax. Saturday morning Doug & Rene unpacked the majority of boxes and he felt much more settled. We'll write more later...Rene & Michael.


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