Thursday, December 13, 2007

7 Days and counting.... 12.13.07

It seems like all I'm writing about is more and more work we're doing! Well, it's true...we've both been working hard to prepare for departure day. Michael has been doing everything - odds & ends around the boat and just as he clears off one item on the list, two others seem to appear. He's done a ton this last week - he replaced the hatch glass, added a new battery switch to the engine battery bank, has been reorganizing, added new shivs in the dinghy davit system, check steering fluid, ran the watermaker, strapped & secured the water & fuel tanks, affixed 'AheaKali' stickers to most of the stuff that will sit on the deck of the boat, etc.

Rene has been busy training her replacement at work and performing a server/laptop upgrade over the weekend. Her last day at work is tomorrow, the 14th. Then the fun begins! Michael has a whole list of things for me to do. We have some bookwork for the end of the year from our businesses, lots of shopping to do - provisioning, clothes shopping, etc. Then we're running the car to Palm Springs and one last visit with with Michael's family. It's starting to get exciting!!

I'll write more later....


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