Friday, December 28, 2007

Oceanside Yacht Club….12.28.07

{GMST}33|12.59|N|117|23.76|W|Oceanside Yacht Club|On I dock{GEND}
We pulled into Oceanside Harbor yesterday approx 2:30 and were welcomed by Rick, the dockmaster at Oceanside Yacht Club. We tied up, cleaned up, and went for a walk around the harbor. We decided to have dinner at Monterrey Bay Canners and then went to the Yacht Club to socialize with the members, have a cocktail, & sit by the nice warm fireplace! It’s still cold out here – temperatures haven’t been above 60 (it’s 55 right now and overcast skies)….we’re ready to hit Mexico and get into some warm weather!

We’re coasting down the coast now headed to San Diego. It’s an incredibly calm day – the water is glassy & the clouds are reflecting off the water. We should be in by 2pm or so. We’re going to stay at Southwestern Yacht Club for the next 3 days. Here's a picture of how calm it is!

In San Diego, we have plans to replenish some provisions, pick up some parts (head service kits, waterproof bags, a new camera, gloves, etc) and a couple tools that we can’t seem to find. Michael & I want to hit some of the museums & touristy stuff and we’ll report on what we found! We also have to purchase our Mexican fishing licenses & prepare for our departure to Ensenada. And of course, laundry, cleaning, & organizing the boat again! We've also decided it's time to change the music selection - we've been listening to the same stuff since we left and are pretty sure we've listened to each song about 50 times!!

I forgot to mention in my last post that the dockmasters of Balboa Yacht Club in Newport - Matt & Ray - were fantastic – and took care of us with a nice slip with fresh water, keys, and directions for what ever we wanted! When we were motoring down the coast yesterday, the clouds were rolling over the mountains and left a pretty cool picture - it looked like a mountain range was in the background....but it was just an optical illusion of the clouds. Check it out!

More to follow….


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