Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's that time! Woohoo! 12.19.07

OK, so are you tired of hearing how busy we've been lately?!? Well, here's another installment of it....haha. OK, so yesterday we did a whole bunch of work during the morning (Michael has lists....that detail out the morning, noon, & night tasks that we follow to the tee...) and around 1pm, we headed out to Palm Springs to meet with Michael's family. We drove both cars - and left the Lexus there for Jennifer & Walter to sell for us. It's been raining the last 3 days and we drove the entire drive (3 1/2 hours) in the rain. We arrived and met with Michael's Dad, Doug, then went to see Michael's Mom & Pete, then over to Jennifer & Walter's for dinner. We left the car there and drove the Jeep back - again - in the rain. We got home around 11pm and crashed.

Today was another busy, busy day....everyone got up, showered, & headed out to Vons (the local grocery store) for final provisioning. Then we came home and I was given the task to put it all away while Michael & Chad went for the afternoon tasks - Mail, meeting with the landlord, dealing with the Electric Boats, & some minor errands. Then they came back to the boat and Michael took me to the Laundramat and headed to Storage to clean up everything and get it ready for the Jeep for tomorrow. A quick trip for me to the Dr and dinner at Jimi's for Sushi.

Tomorrow we're headed out! It's finally that time! Woohoo!! There's still some errands to do in the morning - Michael's made the list-o-things to do and it's alreay 9 deep! Luckily for list was all crossed off today so I'll only have to stay at the boat to ready it for sailing. We're heading over to Santa Cruz island tomorrow at an anchorage named Smuggler's. It'll take approx 3 hours to get there, no problem! Once we get there we'll pop a bottle of champagne - and celebrate getting out of the harbor! We'll stay the night there and then will head over to Catalina Island the following morning to an anchorage called Two Harbors. It'll take approx 10 hours to get there. The weather has been rainy the last 3 days and temperature in the 6o's. We're hoping for nice weather tomorrow - right now there's a 30% chance for more rain and temperatures in the 50's. Brrr! But from tomorrow on, it is supposed to be beautiful sunny days for the next 10 days! Woohoo! We'll spend a couple days in at Two Harbors, then will head over to Avalon. So we won't be able to send many updates in the next couple days.

We have had some wonderful friends come by & visit and call this week and it's been fabulous to visit with them all. We're so blessed to have such wonderful friends & family supporting us. Much love to you all for following us and reading our logs!

More to follow.... :-)


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