Tuesday, January 8, 2008

In Ensenada...1.8.08

We've made it to Ensenada - woohoo!!! We woke up at 4:30 this morning and were on the way by about 5:15 or so. It was a super clear morning and we made it out of the harbor perfectly fine. I wasn't used to getting up so early so I went down below and slept for a while. Michael manned the wheel while Chad also caught a bit of a nap. It was 52 degrees and the seas were 5-8 feet at about 8 seconds apart hitting on our stern corner. We raised the main and motorsailed to keep us steady. We encountered
oil ships right at Rosarita waiting to unload, saw approx 5-7 other boats, and talked to another sailboat on the radio motoring the opposite way that reported they had left from Central Baja and had lots of luck fishing tuna & seabass.

We pulled into Coral Marina at about 1:50pm and went to the fueldocks. We fueled with 358 liters of diesel fuel (it converts to 3.785 liters per US Gallon). We pushed off the fuel dock and headed to dock C32 where Michael RAN AGROUND!! OK, it was no big deal…there was a submerged rock right off of the fuel dock, it was low tide and we only had about 2 feet at the fuel dock. So we just rolled up and over it without any issue other than scraping off the brand new bottom paint. The marina is SUPER
surgey but we pulled into the slip without a problem. We've been sitting having a couple beers since we returned. We're headed out on the town for dinner and back to the boat early since both Michael & Chad aren't feeling so good.

We checked in with the Marina and set up an appointment for tomorrow morning at 9am to get checked into Mexico with our Temporary Import Permits (permits us to be in Mexico with the boat for 90 days). I'll report more on that later!

More to follow…


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