Monday, March 31, 2008

Moto Rally 3.31.08

Mazatlan was host to the 16th annual International motorcycle week this past week. They have a fantastic site with lots of pictures...

It ended today, yesterday being the big 'parade'. All week there have been events - races, acrobatics, judging for custom bikes, etc. There were an estimated 5,000 bikes in the parade all different - Harley's, Custom, Racing bikes, etc.

And what would a parade be if some of the riders were not dressed up?! The outfits ranged from the traditional leather clad, interesting hats, full on costumes, etc. There were whole families on bikes, scantily clad riders, and lots of pride in their bikes.

The artwork on many of the bikes was phenomenal.

They were even doing it on-site...

I was admiring a bike the previous day in front of a hotel with some big, burly biker dudes watching me closely to ensure I didn't get too close! The biggest, baddest one came over to me and motioned for me to get on! I asked in extremely broken spanish if he was kidding, I could get on?! Yep, he even helped me get on and pose for a picture.

Most riders were without helmets, even though there is a helmet law in Mexico and it's an amazing site to see a family of 4 on a motorcycle! (Which is not an uncommon sight....)

This little guy was zooming around during the pre-parade...and had a great lift during the parade.

The word got out among the boaters in the marina that this was going on and that some people were meeting at a restaurant along the route called "Las Bruchetas" (which translates to kabobs) which is also where we were planning to go as well. We went early & toured the grounds before they were all lined up in the streets, then went over to the start of the parade - it was a madhouse! Bikes everywhere, big & small, loud, really really loud, & quiet, a single rider & many more. The sun was just going down & we snapped as many photos & video as we could. Once the parade began, we walked over to Las Bruchetas for dinner where we found the place packed - including about 40 boaters! The owner was not ready for this big of a crowd & the service was extremely delayed but we had a wonderful time chatting with everyone. We had about 12 people at our table and ate in spurts - one or two would receive thier food at a time. It was fantastic. Of course there were some party poopers who made a big deal that the service was so delayed, but all in all, everyone enjoyed the evening. It's amazing to see the 'ugly American' side come out of people...a little humorous...and disappointing at the same time. It was night when the parade passed us again - about 7pm. After the parade they had bands playing & a huge party.

Next week we'll continue to work down our Hurricane summering list & getting ready for Michael's surgery. I'm sure it'll be an action packed week!

More to follow... Enjoy these additional photos - I guess you know which bikes I liked the best.



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