Sunday, June 1, 2008

Camping in Avila Beach 6.1.08

We made it!! Woohoo! After 6 long hard weeks of getting the electric boat rental business sold, shuffling stuff to & from storage, & getting prepared for a 2 month camping trip - we finally left today!!! We got out of Port Hueneme around 9:30 and made it to our campsite by about 12:30. The drive up was cool & foggy - in the 60's, but we made it to camp and got all setup and are now enjoying sitting in the sunshine and it's absolutely beautiful. The campsite is nothing to write home about, in fact it's quite a bit disappointing for $30 a night...but we are not complaining. We figure we'll make a best/worst campsite list and this one right now is in the worst category.

Today we spent a couple hours just unpacking & getting everything setup for took us about 45 minutes to put up the tent & do most of the unpacking (we figure we'll time ourselves at the end and see how much easier it's getting!) and had a pop-up race to our neighbors who arrived at the same time and who beat us miserably...haha. We also went to search for a local geocache, but couldn't find it...bummer. The campsight was full by the end of the evening and we were even partied away with another group of kids celebrating a birthday. We had a very nice evening, ate dinner, & had a campfire. We had a bit of a camping emergency as we left the wire hanger for smores at home....but Michael saved the day by hiking all around the area finding suitable tree brances to make them with. Success! Smores was our treat for all the hard work we did earlier in the day!!

Today is my birthday (Happy Birthday to me!) and Michael made me a great breakfast and we rode the Avila Beach trolley into town and check out the town. It's a great little town with three piers. We walked around town, ate at a little restaurant called "Fat Cats" and then took the trolley back to the campsight. We're heading now to hike the Bob Jones bike trail and look for another geocache....I hope we'll get lucky this time! Tonight is a nice camp-cooked dinner and a great bottle of wine. The campsight was totally booked last night (19 spots) and is totally deserted right now so we hope it stays that way. I have lots of photos to post but am having picture posting issues again so I'll have to do them later! We'll spend tonight in Avila Beach and then head to Big Sur.

More to follow...from Big Sur!
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