Sunday, May 18, 2008

King Street 5.18.08

Michael has been working this past month identifying properties in Texas that would fit well into our overall portfolio and has found one that he's incredibly excited about. It's a three unit property in Corpus Christi on King Street. We made an offer and it was accepted...we opened up escrow today. Woohoo!

He's been watching the Corpus Christi area for the past few years and feels it will be a good investment. There are a lot of positive things/growth in the area. We will be packing up all of our 'items' in storage and moving them to Texas later in the summer.

There are plenty of things to do before we close...inspections, etc. But we're excited about the property & are looking forward to closing the deal. Here's a pic of it.

I'm still trying to fight off this @#%& cold without much luck...

More to follow...


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