Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hiking in Elk Prairie 6.24.08

After a fantastic breakfast, we took off to hike a couple of trails here in the park. The trailhead to about 10 different hikes starts just at the info station. We hiked the Cathedral Trees trail, Circle trail, Prairie Creek trail, Revelation trail, & Nature trail. All the trails were nice - lots of redwoods, oaks, ferns, & tons of other vegetation. It's amazing how many shades of green there are out here!!
There were lots of beautifule flowers & berries as well.
The trees are soo huge!!
Of all the plants, flowers, & animals we have seen so far - my favorite was the banana slug... It's so ugly & creepy, it's cool...hahaha

Tonight is cool - in the 50's & we have a nice warm campfire and Michael's bbq'ing a tri-tip...yumm!! We went to the campfire chat this evening hosted by the USFS Ranger - it was on tectonic plates & how this area was formed. It was a great discussion & very informative!!

More to follow...


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