Thursday, June 19, 2008

John & Debbie in Clearlake 6.19.08

We left San Francisco today, stopping at the Golden Gate Bridge as our final stop in San Francisco. The Bridge was very busy, as always, but absolutely beautiful. We met a wonderful couple from Delaware and spent a bit alternating taking photos of each other! I just loved the beautiful.

We finished with our 15 minute stop about an hour & a half later...and made our way to Clearlake where our dear friends, John & Debbie Dye are staying while Debbie is recuperating from back surgery. She is doing great! We met them at the house they're staying (John's sister) and had a great home cooked lunch! We visited while sitting on the patio overlooking the lake. It's a beautiful area & we enjoyed the nice warm weather (in the upper 90's) and both the deer & the hummingbird wars that was happening just around us.

We left there & a hotel!! Woohoo!! The first hotel in about 3 weeks and a welcome one. I have developed a pretty significant case of poison oak on my leg, just above the knee and have been suffering a bit for the past couple days. In the hotel room, OK, I'm still suffering...but at least I'm suffering at a nice comfy temperature thanks to the AC unit...haha.

We met them again, along with John's Sister & Brother-in-law (Patty & Jimmy) for dinner at a local home-cookin' restaurant - mmmm!! They brought a homeopathic remedy for poison oak and since today is also our anniversary...a nice anniversary card. They had arranged for a cake to be brought out & sang a very merry "Happy Anniversary" song to us. It was one of our favorite anniversaries - spending time with friends. We took a stroll back to our hotel & managed to use every available plug in the room - charging all of our gadgets! Yep, the hotel will definately lose money on us with all of the electricity we're using! haha...

We're looking forward to spending time with John & Debbie when we return to Mazatlan - their boat is 'summering' there too while she's here recovering.

Tomorrow we're headed up to Weott to spend a couple days visiting the 'Avenue of the Giants'. I can't wait...

More to follow!!
{GMST}38|56.96|N|122|37.89|W|Visiting with John & Debbie Dye in Clearlake, CA!|John & Debbie in Clearlake, CA{GEND}


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