Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sequoia Canyon – Stony Creek Campground 7.13.08

We were up bright & early this morning and packed up camp and was on the road again. I figured that on the way, I could take advantage of the wireless & update the website since we’ve been without internet since going into Yosemite. Well, in Reno, apparently there were some Windows Updates downloaded & began to install which I didn’t want as I had other plans, so I cancelled the install. Big mistake. Now I can't get on the internet at all. Shit!! I don’t know how I’ll get it fixed and have the next 8 days to stew about it cause there’s no cell service or internet anywhere in the park. Grumble… Hopefully when we’re in Vegas I can get to an internet café and research the problem and hopefully get it resolved quick!!

We stopped at a little pizza joint on our way into the park for lunch & had a great pizza & salad before continuing on.
We made it to the park around 3pm and setup camp just in time for an afternoon shower. Rain! We heard thunder in the distance (which I miss a ton growing up in Kansas – it just doesn’t thunder in Ventura) while setting up, but it seemed far away. It rained for about 2 hours, maybe more. We still had to check-in with the campground hosts and used the rain as a good excuse to run up there. We chatted with them for nearly an hour, telling stories, favorite places, & they showed us their favorite Yosemite photos. When we returned to our site, we pondered whether to have cold cereal for dinner (it was still raining) but decided to setup the grill under a tree & cook dinner there.

We have 5 full days of exploring the sights of Kings/Sequoia Canyon (they’re jointly managed) and have lots planned! Stay tuned…

{GMST}33|39.820|N|118|50.176|W|Camping in Stony Creek Campground in Sequoia Nat’l Park!|Sequoia Nat’l Park{GEND}


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