Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July everyone!! 7.4.08

The ladies working the office at Mono Vista RV Park told us that Bridgeport was the place to be today with a great fireworks display. We decided to take their advice & spent the entire day there. We made it to the town just in time to see the end of the parade (doh!) and then checked out the other festivities until fireworks time.
And did they have a ton of festivities!! There was everything from arm wrestling, watermelon eating contest, greased pole climbing (for the kids), karaoke, mud volleyball (with 33 teams!!),
rubber ducky race, & horseshoe throwing contest. There was a rodeo in the afternoon with bull riding, steer wrestling, bronc riding, team roping, & barrel racing.
There was a great arts & crafts fair, plenty of food, & of course, live music.

The town was very cute – about 6 blocks long & 2 wide and very gracious, fun people. Most everyone knew each other and if you didn’t, you were just visiting. It was the stereotypical small town, with the stereotypical people to complement it! It was very fun & very welcoming. It was a beautiful sunny day with great temps and the mud volleyball was so much fun to watch! And of course…the fireworks! We parked the jeep on the side of the highway and watched in chairs sitting right behind it. Nice…

Happy 4th of July!!


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