Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Michael's a HAM! 1.28.09

Well, those of you who know him will agree... But seriously, he took & passed his Technician HAM exam offered today by fellow cruisers. Woohoo! The paperwork will be submitted in the next few days and we'll be excited to learn his call sign. When we do, we'll share it!

Congrats Michael!

While he was busy taking tests, another cruiser arranged for a tour of the local hospital in Colimilla and a fundraiser as the hospital is in desperate need for some equipment. The hospital was incredibly basic, even to my un-educated eye. The hospital is hoping we can raise enough money, only $180 for a respiratory machine. We hope we can help them out! Cruisers often help cruisers, and the local towns they stay. In the Barra de Navidad area, there is a strong wind that comes up most afternoons that blows pretty hard in the lagoon. Often there is a boat that winds up 'dragging anchor' and is in need of help. The dinghies to the rescue! Folks jump in their dinghies and attempt to help out the boat whether manned or unmanned. In Zihuatenejo there is a 'sailfest' that the cruisers raise money for the town, work at the schools, & assist wherever needed. It's just something we do!

Oh, and I uploaded some more photos...


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