Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Carnaval 2.24.09

Ah…it’s so nice to be back in Mazatlan! We’ve kept busy since arriving – doing lots of socializing & catching up. And we arrived on the Sunday of Carnaval again! We didn’t make it to the Sunday evening parade as we were absolutely exhausted, but did make it to the Tuesday parade. It was just as spectacular as last year. We went with Mike & Julie from S/V Slacker, Tom & Gail from M/V Wanderer, & Pamela & Ivy from S/V Precious Metal and Pat from S/V Mystique and had a great time.

Tom & Gail on M/V Wanderer and Pat from S/V Mystique

Pamela & Ivy from S/V Precious Metal with Michael

Like last year, we went into the ‘pay’ section (a whole 20 pesos, $2) and then found a restaurant that had outdoor tables we could sit at. We found a great spot & watched a beautiful sunset before the parade started. The parade was spectacular…amazing colors, bands playing music everywhere, the floats were spectacular as were the costumes of the performers.

Mer-men? From the Neptune float in the 2009 Carnaval in Mazatlan

Dancing little guy!

We were standing on the street, just a foot or so from where the parade was and the full emotion of the parade was in swing. The performers often danced with the group of us as they passed by!

It was great fun, a must see! I have more photos in our photo album... click here. And you can also check out Mike & Julie on S/V Slacker's blog... click here. They have some great videos & photos!

After the parade, Pamela & Ivy, Tom & Gail, & us walked down to our favorite baked potato place for street potatoes! Yum… We chatted the evening away and remarked on how fantastic the potatoes were. Afterwards we found a taxi and were back at the boat by around 11:30. It was a very festive day. I love being here for Carnaval.


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