Saturday, February 14, 2009

Enjoying Tenacatita 2.14.09

S/V Ahea Kali anchored in Tenacatita

Tenacatita is fast becoming one of our favorite stops down here. There are no pangas zooming around you, no jet skis or water skiers around, it has beautiful warm turquoise water, & there are always plenty of activities! We arrived with 14 boats but that number quickly swelled to about 27 during the three days we were there. There were friends of anchorages past and new people to meet. We spent the entire day we arrived camped out on the boat reading, relaxing & listening to music. Beverly from Sea-tacean came over to invite us to the Valentine's day dinner but our plans would make us leave on Valentines day morning so we had to decline. The next morning, Michael went over to visit with Archie from Sea-tacean in the morning as I was frantically trying to send the updates via radio and finally managed to get it to go. Whew! That's when the fun started. There was a bocce ball game scheduled on the beach and both Michael & I went to play. We were joined by Archie from Sea-tacean, John from Begone, & Bob from Selah. John & I paired up as a team and did a fantastic job playing.

Michael playing bocce ball in Tenacatita

After the game, we all went to the palapa for a post-game refreshment & visiting. John & Patricia from Paloma came up to the palapa and we all decided to play some volleyball the following day. We had 12 people show up to play or watch or cheer! We ended up with 4 on 4 - Rene, John, Archie, & David from Decade Dance played against Bob & Marlene from Selah and John & Patricia from Paloma. And we smoked them – won 3 games in a row – woohoo! After another celebratory beverage at the palapa & more chatting, we made our way back to the boat to prepare for the evening's dinghy raft-up. There were 14 dinghies that attended the raft-up! The largest turnout so far. Whew! At the raft-up, 3 dinghies dropped an anchor (it was pretty windy so needed some added protection), then everyone faced bow in and tied off to their neighbor's dinghy, securing the 'circle'. Everyone brought an appetizer to share and they were passed around along with boat cards (like business cards with all of your pertinent boating info), & any books or DVDs to trade. It was great to have such a large turnout and was so much fun getting to know everyone. All this fun….it had to end sometime.

So this morning, we packed up the boat & headed up to Chamela along with Bob & Marlene from Selah. As soon as we anchored, we were visited by Justin & Dahlia from S/V Steady Beat, friends from Mazatlan that we haven't seen since December. Again, it's always nice seeing old friends – especially when it's a surprise! There is a possible weather window to round Cabo Corrientes so we wanted to get close to it to time our crossing. We're not sure when we'll make the crossing yet, but we're only about 60 miles from it right now. There is a possibility we go up to Ipala, which is 50 miles north of here, but it's super windy right now in the anchorage – it's gusting up to 30 knots! So we may not. We'll see!

More to follow…


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