Monday, March 16, 2009

Packing up the boat! 3.16.09

This packing up the boat for summer stuff is HARD work! It is a lot of packing, cleaning, storing, moving, etc. You can call it Spring Cleaning - scrubbing the walls, ceiling, floors, and every space in between, then placing a mold barrier to prevent anything growing that we don't want to over the summer. In addition, emptying, defrosting & cleaning the refrigerator & freezer, figuring out what we are taking with us, what is given to other cruisers, & what is thrown in the trash! We did pretty good this year - much better than last year. We had to give away only a couple things - Pina Colada mix, milk, & Ranch dressing. We threw away only a little piece of cheese and some chicken that went to the local dock cat - Slacker kitty!

All of the sails were scrubbed and hung to dry, then folded up and stored below. All of the halyards - the lines that pull the sails up & down - were also removed, cleaned, & stored below. Ahea Kali looked like she was sailing in the slip as the sails were drying.

Ahea Kali letting her sails dry in Mazatlan

Michael was in his 'boat yoga' positions during a lot of the cleaning - providing me much enjoyment.

Michael cleaning the refrigerator

In addition to that, we have been searching for a vehicle that will take us to Alaska. It is hard work when you're out of the country! haha... But we have some great leads and I have one especially I'm looking forward to - right in our old backyard of Ventura. We'll see how it works out!

We have enjoyed our time here and have had a great time visiting with our good friends. In addition to just visiting, we've indulged in some fantastic restaurants while we've been here, visiting our old haunts and checking out the new spots as well. We both really like Mazatlan and look forward to being back here next season.

A great group of friends at Dunia's Restaurant in Mazatlan

We even had some spare time to go geocaching! We enjoyed every once of the anchorages we stopped at and decided as a souvenir to the stops we made, to get a bracelet that is made by many of the beach vendors while we were in each place. We have a nice post on the boat that they are attached. We try to get them at the anchorage, but sometimes we had to purchase them at the next spot as it was impossible to find someone to make them.

The bracelets showing each anchorage we visited this season

It's been a great season! We are heading to the U.S. on Wednesday and are entering through Nogales, into Tucson. Then we're going to Palm Springs to visit with Michael's family, and to Ventura.

More to follow!


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