Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blueberry Arts Festival 8.2.09

We love being in such a small town. There are always places to go, people to meet and festivals to enjoy! This past weekend was the Annual Blueberry Arts Festival. It started out on Friday afternoon with the Pet & Doll Parade down Main street.

The Pet & Doll parade in Ketchikan, AK

Both the dolls and the pets were well represented, even if it was 2:00 in the afternoon on a Friday! The kids were enjoying walking down the street pushing their strollers while the dogs dragged their owners along!

Strollers being pushed in the parade

The entire weekend we saw plenty of people in the spirit; those wearing blue, drinking blue drinks, and even those who dyed their hair blue!

Blueberry hair

It even worked for the pets – these poor fellas were blue too.

Poor animals painted blue

I’m trying out my new camera that my Mom & Dad so graciously sent me after I complained about my little point & shoot! Of course, I have to learn how to operate it as I’ve managed to mess up lots of photos I’ve taken this past week. Oh well! :-)

There were the ‘usual’ events that almost every festival has – a Fun Run/Walk, Arts Festival with lots of booths for artists, food, game booths, face painting, etc. But then there were some unique events too – like the Big Slug Contest, Slug race, Pie-eating contest, Spelling Bee, Trivia Contest, and the famous Blueberry ball roll!

Kids chowing down in the pie-eating contest

And don’t forget the Beer Festival. Square Dancing, and Gigglefeet Dance Festival in the evening! Everything blueberry you could imagine was available – blueberry pies, funnel cakes, shakes, balloons, hats – it was all here!

Written up in the local paper, on the front page was: “Slugs aren’t known as speedy critters, but even by gastropod standards, some of the athletes in Saturday’s slug races could well hold the record for the slowest invertebrates in Blueberry Arts Festival history. Three circular tabletop tracks were used for the preliminary races at the Methodist Church parking lot, with the winner from each competing in the final round. Tables one & three finished up quickly, with a dark brown European taking table one by an antennae over a pretty green-mottled banana slug; and a white banana slug easily taking table three. Table two, though, had a slew of sessile slugs. Fifteen minutes after the ‘race’ began, none had made it out of the center ring. Race official Boyd Porter, a state Fish & Game biologist when he’s not wrangling slugs, misted the table with water, but the contestants remained sluggish. He then brought out a large sheet of paper to give the competitors some cooling shade. The shade appeared to inspire a couple of slugs, who – still rather reluctant – started moving. About a half hour after the race began, a broun European finally crossed the outer ring, giving table two winner an overall speed of about 2 feet per hour.”

Too funny! The celebration was great. I picked up a cold earlier in the week that had me pretty down & out (I even took 4 days off of work – wow!) but I made it out on Saturday for a couple hours. I believe most of the town was there for the festival on Saturday and there were probably 100 or more booths during the Festival. Great fun…

Looking down the street at the blueberry festival

That evening we went to a friends’ birthday party, Kanoe Zantua, a local author who works at Potlach park, a spot we frequent with the Hummer tours. Many folks in attendance were drivers who frequent the park but we don’t get to meet them so it was nice to have an evening of conversation with new friends. Amazingly, we also met a couple, Kat & Dave, who also spend their winters in Mexico, though not on a sailboat. We enjoyed swapping stories about spending time in Mexico and we realized we are beginning to get homesick! We miss the boat! We are over the ½ way mark of our working summer, with only about 45 more days to go! How time flies…

We have certainly been working lately, barely getting time off for laundry! But that’s what we came up here for so we’re not complaining at all, well, maybe a little! On our days off we do all of the errands, laundry, and jarring that we can! Jelly & Jams, we’ve been busy! We made a batch of huckleberry and blueberry jam, have been jarring fresh salmon that we receive from friends, commercial fishermen, and what we have caught. We are so spoiled!


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