Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cheney (Eastern) Washington 10.6.09

We kinda decided last minute to go our to Eastern Washington to visit Michael’s grandma in Cheney, WA. She’s getting up there in age and since we were only 8 hours away and didn’t know when we would get up this way again, we figured we should visit. Cheney Washington is near Spokane, about a 6 hours away from Seattle. We left Coupeville and went down to Mukilteo at the very bottom of Whidbey Island and caught the ferry over to Clinton on the mainland. The scenery sure does change as you drive across Washington! We started on the West coast where the trees surrounded us, with their changing leaves, and colors of green, red, orange, & brown.

Trees forever!

Just a couple hours away, the trees gave way to sage brush & tumbleweeds, which in turn changed into barren brown hills as far as the eye could see.

Where did all the trees go?

We even encountered a dust storm...

Entering a dust storm area

We crossed the Columbia River, saw some wild horses

The Wild Horse monument at the Columbia River

(not really, they were fake…), and marveled at how much produce comes from this area. We got to Grandma’s place, chatted for a wile, ate dinner with her, chatted some more and hit the road in the same direction as we started the day. It was a nice visit, Grandma is still sharp as a tack and loves to talk. It was a quick stop but we enjoyed seeing her again.

Grandma Ditton with Michael and Rene

As always, there are lots more photos in the photo album...
Tomorrow…back to the Washington coast!


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