Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Michael! 8.23.09

Yep, that's right - another year older! (Something I will never stop reminding him of!! haha...) We worked the morning and had been (conveniently!) invited to a BBQ with some friends from the docks in the afternoon. There were about 20 or so people there and we all enjoyed kicking back and taking in the beautiful view from the deck of the waterfront house. The rain stopped and there was sun peeking through the clouds.

The birthday boy blowing out his candles

After a nice dinner of Sausage links and all the fixin's we brought out a cheesecake topped with Happy Birthday candles and sang (twice) to the birthday boy. It was a fun evening!

Happy Birthday cheesecake!

And here's another 'small world' story for you... When Michael and I first arrived in Mazatlan, Mexico in early 2008, Michael needed to fly to California to take care of some business. The airport in Mazatlan is very far from the marina and is a very expensive taxi ride so many of the cruisers will 'share' a taxi to get there. Michael announced on the radio he was going to the airport and if anyone wanted to share a taxi to give him a call. One of the other cruisers came on and said he had a rental car and would gladly give him a ride to the airport - sweet! So then, over a year and a half later...while we're up here in Ketchikan, we get an e-mail from some dear friends of ours who are working in Canada. They have a dear friend on a boat heading our way who needs to leave his boat for a couple weeks and wants someone to look after it while they're away. Would we mind? Absolutely not. We told them where we were and how to get in touch with us. So they arrive, M/V Maestra, and we go over to introduce ourselves. Michael keeps looking at John, and him back and they finally say, 'You look so familiar, I just can't put my finger on it!' After a few minutes of the 'where you here?', 'did you stay here?', they both was that taxi ride over a year and a half ago! I guess what comes around really goes around! Now we're meeting in Ketchikan, AK...a million miles (or so it seems) away from that first meeting in Mazatlan Mexico. :-)

Dinner with John & Larry from M/V Maestra

Aren't the sunsets here stunning??

A stunning sunset

A stunning sunset



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