Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Oregon Coastal Route 10.8.09

We were up and at ‘em at o-dark-thirty this morning (not really, it just seemed like it cause the sun was behind the mountains) and headed down the coast. Wow, this area is really beautiful. The beaches are long with powder white sand, there are amazing bluffs, the towns are small with lots of cute shops to check out, the antique bridges have incredible architecture, it’s just a beautiful place. We will definitely be coming back here and spending some time. We are hurrying down the coast as we need to be in Southeast Oregon to have the van worked on before the weekend. Who knew this was a holiday weekend?!

We stopped at a place called Cooks’s Chasm where there was a spouting horn to take photos. The surf rolls in and pounds against the rocks and an opening blows the spout of water up into the air. It’s quite spectacular. Michael shot a video that I’ll post below. The pictures just don’t show the sequence of events.

Today was a travel day since we had to get to where we’re going fast so we didn’t do much more stopping than to eat and stretch. We made it to Medford around 5pm and found a hotel. We were tired, knew we could sleep in the following day, and you just don’t sleep in when you’re in a campground!

Wish us luck on a successful and inexpensive visit to the mechanic tomorrow…


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