Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Birds of San Blas, Nayarit 12.16.09

San Blas is surrounded by overgrown mangroves reverberating with the sounds of the myriad of wildlife living within them.

From the panga looking among the mangroves

Each winter, huge flocks of birds arrive in San Blas, attracted by its superb tropical climate, enhanced by the profusion of mangroves, estuaries, lagoons and beaches. Thanks to its exceptional geographical position San Blas is one of the most important natural refuges in the Western Hemisphere. Truly a birdwatchers delight. On our recent jungle trip up to La Tovara and Camalota lagoon, we saw some amazing birds. Although I’m no birdwatcher, we were lucky enough to have Mary Jane from S/V Grey Max onboard who identified each bird. Here’s a list of the birds that were spotted:

- Little green heron
- Great blue heron
- Hooked billed kite (both in the black phase and regular)
- Chacalaca
- Great-tailed grackle
- Common grackle

Birds of San Blas

- Groove-billed Ani
- Mangrove Swallow
- Citreoline Trogan
- Green Kingfisher
- Ringed Kingsfisher
- Western King bird
- Eastern King bird

Birds of San Blas

- Tropical King bird
- Great Kiskadee
- Yellow-winged cacique
- Eared Grebe
- White Pelican
- Double crested cormorant
- Great Egret

Birds of San Blas

- Little blue heron
- Black-crowned night heron
- Yellow-crowned night heron
- White faced Ibis
- Cattle egret
- Black vulture
- Turkey vulture

Birds of San Blas

- Coast Sandpiper
- Royal Tern
- Frigate Bird
- Ruddy Ground Dove
- Wilson’s Warbler
- Anhinga
- Military Macaws

There's more pictures here... but WOW!! It was a spectacular day! What fun…


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