Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tony & Terri’s Wedding 12.5.09

Tony & Terri with Michael & Rene

Michael and I were invited to Tony & Terri’s wedding when we first arrived in Mazatlan, sure we would be gone by then, we graciously declined but since we were still here…asked if we could still come! Tony owns a business called ‘Tony’s Boat Management’ and we use his services over the summer to look after our boat, start the engine, make sure the bottom gets cleaned, bilges are dry, & general stuff like that. He is Canadian and is marrying Terri, a Mexican woman who works at CONAPESCA. They are both such good, happy people, & wonderful to be around. The evening was incredible. We went only for the reception, as we had already given up our seat at the wedding, but it was incredible fun. The bride and groom were stunning and so incredibly happy. We’ve been working so hard to ‘get out of here’ that it felt good to let go & dance. The band was excellent and the party planner was the best I’ve ever seen. She handed out items – balloons, masks, pom pom’s, cowboy hats, more balloons, etc. from time to time and encouraged people to dance. She would start conga lines and lead everyone around the dance floor, would handle any request or crisis, and it was amazing to watch her work. During the normal band’s break, Lori & Ken from S/V Esprit got up & played a couple songs which were amazing as well. It was a lovely reception.

We danced, chatted away, visited with friends, danced a lot more, & thoroughly enjoyed the evening. We’re so glad we could be there, are happy for the both of them, and wish them all the joy in the world.

Let’s get out of here!!!


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