Sunday, October 31, 2010

Back to the boat 10.29.2010

Ahea Kali in Mazatlan

I know, I know….it’s been more than 6 months since my last post! I’ll be working on filling in the gap but in the meantime let’s get to the fun stuff!

After spending a fun 5 days with Scott & Liz and Eric & Sherrell in Guadalajara we jumped on a bus to Mazatlan. The bus ride was uneventful and NICE! We took the Primera Plus bus which has super nice seats, showed us 3 movies, and even gave us a little bag of food! We were stopped once by the Federales and 4 other times at checkpoints (fruits/veggies, drugs/weapons/Immigration) without any issue. When we arrived in Mazatlan we were greeted by our favorite person in Mazatlan, Elvira!

On Dock 6, it was dock party time, so we didn’t manage to get past the gathering without a cold beer being placed in our hands. Ahhh….welcome home! The Slackers (Mike & Julie) really know how to make a person feel welcome! Haha…

We took our baggage to the boat, went onboard to open her up & joined the gathering. There are only 5 boat owners on Dock 6 right now – where is everyone? The marina is sure empty of people!

The boat looks great, we haven’t stumbled upon any issues yet, that we weren’t expecting. (whew!) And after a full day of sorting, organizing, unpacking, & cleaning it looks almost livable! Today Michael is working on putting up a sail. The weather has been a little funky – warm & steamy (high humidity) and cool in the evenings. There has been a fog bank come in each morning that cools things down, but steams it up when it leaves!

We’re planning to leave Mazatlan around Thanksgiving or so and have a LOT of things to keep us busy in the meantime…Day of the Dead celebration tomorrow, dinghy ride to Deer Island Wednesday to soak up some sunshine & swimming, ‘Welcome Back’ pool party on Saturday, the list really goes on and on so I won’t bore you.  I’ll be keeping the blog updated and feel free to friend us on facebook as we’re also posting updates there.

More to follow!

Ahea Kali still looks great


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