Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter in Palm Springs 4.6.10

We left our incredible beach house on Saturday and drove to the Palm Springs area to spend Easter and the few days before we leave for Alaska with Michael’s family. Most of Michael’s family live in the area – his sister’s family, Mom, & Dad. We had a wonderful time with them and look forward to seeing them again when we pass back through in October. My niece & nephew, Gracie & Nolan, are getting SO BIG! What a difference 6 months makes. I’m so glad we got so spend time with them.

Gracie and Nolan - my absolute favorite niece & nephew!

We had a wonderful Easter dinner at Muriel’s house. There were 10 people at the table and we had all the fixings – ham, potatoes, zucchini frittata, rolls, and most importantly – family and friends.

Easter dinner 2010 at Muriel's house

I was bummed that Doug, Michael’s dad could not make it but we were able to see him the following day. We set him up with our boat computer which replaced his old Win 98 computer & visited for a couple hours before meeting him again at Jennifer’s house for dinner. I had my work cut out for me as Jennifer put me to work on her computers, checking some items off of her ‘to do list’ by getting printers, wi-fi, & programs updated. No problem! I’m glad I can put my skills to use every once in a while!

Day after Easter dinner at Jennifer's house

We even had a chance to go see Pete, Muriel’s husband who has alzheimers, who recognized both Muriel & Michael. The weather in Palm Springs was heavenly – temps in the 70’s and even up to 80’s a couple of times. Though it was certainly cooler than I expected in the evenings.

Gracie & Nolan took us to Boomer’s – a mini amusement park type place with mini golf, go-karts, bumper boats, rock climbing wall, & video games. We had SO much fun! OK, I may have had the most fun… Michael wore flip flops so he couldn’t do the go-karts and Gracie & Nolan both needed to ride with an adult….and luckily I qualified! So I got to ride both times and screamed my voice hoarse going around the corners.

Rene & Gracie on the go-karts at Boomer's

In the bumper boats we all got soaked and I couldn’t stop laughing trying to maneuver those little boats. We screamed through mini-golf and video games and Gracie showed off on the rock climb wall by reaching the top 3 times. Bummer, my ankle is still giving me troubles or I would have been right there with her!

Rene, Michael, Gracie & Nolan soaking wet from the bumper boats at Boomers

I was surprised when one of my friends who moved away from Ventura messaged me on Facebook and said she would love to see us while we were in Palm Springs. It turns out, Linda, a good friend and fellow bunco player lives on the street caddycorner from Michael’s mom’s house. Cool! We hooked up at Starbucks for a quick coffee & catch-up episode. It was a nice surprise and I’m so glad I could catch up with her!

We left Tillie, our VW van, at Michael’s dad’s house for the summer and hitched a ride with Jennifer & the kids to the airport. We left sunny, warm skies….and arrived to 40 degree temps and snow in Ketchikan! What a difference a day makes… :-)

We had a good time visiting with family and look forward to seeing them again in October. But now, it’s time for Alaska!

More to follow…

Rene, Michael, Gracie & Nolan soaking wet from the bumper boats at Boomers


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