Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bellingham & the Ferry to Alaska! 4.2.2011

Ahhh….what a relaxing morning! We slept in (well, as long as the inconsiderate jerks who were staying down the hall yelling at each other & slamming doors would let us), had a nice leisurely breakfast, drove to the Trader Joe’s and did our last-minute shopping, drove all over the town searching for geocaches that had travel bugs inside so I could take them to Alaska, then got to the Ferry Terminal by about 2pm. We were originally scheduled on next week’s ferry, only because I screwed up the reservation and missed getting this spot. So we put ourselves on the waiting list on Monday and showed up at the Ferry terminal nice & early….

And got on! Woohoo! :-) We were almost the last vehicle allowed on the ship. And we lost our outside cabin with a window and were stuck with an inside broom closet cabin but we made it! We’ll be in Ketchikan on Sunday morning around 7am.

The ferry was nice, as usual the surroundings are simply gorgeous. Trees that come all the way down to the water on gorgeous snow-capped mountains, eagles in the trees, cabins tucked into the woods, & mountain landscapes all around, it’s absolutely breathtaking!

The weather is cool & crisp. It was raining when we left Bellingham but this morning it was clear. Hopefully it’ll stay that way! As always, my photos just don’t do it justice…

View from the Alaska Ferry

I spent most of the time on the ferry going through my photos, catching up on the blogs, and getting everything ready to upload once we get into Ketchikan. Yeah! Don't worry, I'll keep the updates coming...

More to follow…


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