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Two days in Seattle 3.31.2011

That’s it, only two days. And although two days doesn’t even scratch the surface of the city, we still had a great time. We did all of the touristy stuff – visited the Space Needle,

The Space Needle, EMP, & Ride the Ducks

wandered the Pike Place Market – and saw the flying fish!,

Pike Place Market

did a brewery tasting at The Pike Brewing Co. (my favorite was the Kilt-lifter!),

Brewery Tasting at The Pike Brewing Co.

rode the Duck Tour (of course!),

Ride the Ducks in Seattle

walked through Sculpture Park – what do you see?,

The Sculpture Park in Seattle

Viewed and made a contribution to the ‘Gum Wall’ – the #2 germiest place in the world - ewww!

Michael adding to the Gum Wall

Stopped for a photo with Hammering Man…

Michael with Hammering Man

did the Underground Tour, checked out numerous pieces of public art, rode the light rail, found a couple geocaches, walked the waterfront, ate fantastic Asian food (twice!), drank gallons of Starbucks coffee & others claiming to be better, heard lots of jokes about Microsoft & Starbucks, & savored every nibble of the truffles we picked up at a highly-recommended Chocolatier. Did we miss anything?

Of course we did! But remember, we only had two days!! I think we did pretty good. :-) And we have to leave something else to come back to, right?!

Seriously, we had a great time. It rained the entire time we were there and was cold and windy, but we have to get used to the rain, right?! Once we were all bundled up it was no problem. Instead of driving the first day we just jumped on the light rail which was really easy – only a block from our hotel and it was $5 each for all day.

The Light Rail tunnel in Seattle

The Underground tour was very fun. I had no clue about the history of the town and enjoyed learning about the history almost as much as the tour itself. We were taken into three areas of the underground and heard stories of the way life used to be. It was pretty cool.

The original water pipe in Seattle

We decided to walk from the Underground to the Space Needle and walked along the waterfront, stopping at the Art Museum, Pike Place Market, lunch, and several stops along the way! The downtown is really beautiful with gorgeous architecture.

Seattle Architecture

We would have loved to go to EMP but it’ll have to wait until next time. We Rode the Ducks – I had to check out the competition! – and enjoyed the tour that was given even though I think my tour is a million times better. ;-) We finished the day with the Sculpture Park and walking along the waterfront to find a place for dinner before jumping back on the light rail back to the hotel. It was a full day.

The next morning we left the hotel and drove into downtown. We had scoped out a parking structure right across the street from the Market that had a very reasonable all-day price and parked there. While we were purchasing our parking pass we were asked the normal question “you’re not from around here” from a woman waiting for us to finish. We were joking with her about how she could guess – figuring it was Michael dressed in shorts. Nope, she said it was because we were both so tan! Haha!! She said there were lots of crazies around who dressed in shorts, but no one is tan! We chatted with her for a while and she gave us her business card and a card for a discount at where she worked and told us they had excellent food. We decided to go there for lunch and were treated to two beer samplers – 6 different beers each from Pike Brewing Co. Wow! What a chance meeting her. :-)

The Space Needle, EMP, & Ride the Ducks

We took a guided tour of Pike Place Market that was put on by the historical society which was interesting, though I wouldn’t recommend this particular tour again. I’ve heard the ‘Savor Seattle’ tours are a million times better – that’ll be on my list of things to do next time.

Elsie the Pig at the Pike Place Market

We finished the day by driving to Bellingham, which is where our ferry leaves (hopefully!) tomorrow.

More to follow…

The Space Needle, EMP, & Ride the Ducks


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