Sunday, December 19, 2010

Leaving La Cruz….for Paradise! 12.19.10

Ahhh….it’s been a great couple weeks. La Cruz is always one of our favorite spots along the coast as there is always soooo much to do!! We’ve had a great time though – catching up with friends, eating at amazing new restaurants in town, and exploring new places.

Sunset in La Cruz Anchorage

We found a new ‘hot spot’ on the beach called Don Bidou’s which is serving $1 Margaritas or Beers.

Don Bidou's in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

That place is dangerous, beware. We speak from experience. The drinks are good….too good in fact. Joe & Deb, Bill, and Michael & I decided to go ‘check it out’ on Sunday. We had just come from the local Organic Farmer’s Market where they had amazing items and before that had met the whole gang for breakfast at the Huanacaxtle Bar & Grill. Randy & Thea were in for the day off of Lost Elvis and were heading down the coast so this was our only time to see them until later in the season. We had another amazing meal and then spent an hour or so roaming around the Farmer’s Market. It was about lunchtime so we all decided we would go check out this $1 beer special.

The group partying at Don Bidou's in La Cruz

We had one. Then another. There’s really no use counting after that. We had strong arm competitions....apparently!

Strongarm competition at Don Bidou's?

We left as it was getting dark, stumbling down the street. That’s when things get fuzzy for me, well, black really. Somehow we made it back to the marina, made it into Bill & MJ’s dinghy, made it onto the boat without anyone falling in the water, & made it below. I do have vague memories of mooning Lost Elvis when they left the marina. I sincerely hope they don’t have pictures!!!

All I can say is we had fun! Of that I’m sure as everyone who didn’t come with us are quick to point out. MJ had decided to stay with Ceacy on the boat and she turned out to be the smart one. Though she had some stories of things said & done that still stun us!! Haha…

Deb & Rene at Don Bidou's - having fun!!!

Amazingly though, no one had a hangover the next day. Sure, we weren’t feeling too hot and we all had enough tequila for a few days but we didn’t have the headache/queasy/hungover feeling. Must have been good tequila! That’s a reason to go back….in a few weeks…..when they forget what we look like…. Haha!!!

We took 3 trips into Bucerias to get Joe’s tooth looked at and the root canal done, we have gone in town to Philo’s (a must-do) for pizza & internet. I’ve done Yoga with the girls, have beaded with MJ, and have enjoyed time on the boat out in the anchorage. Life is good.

This year has been exceptionally cool temperature & water temp wise. Where last year we were doing anything we could to get air moving through the boat, this year I’m in sweats & a long sleeved shirt by sundown and every morning. Don’t take that as a complaint, it’s anything but! I’m just pointing out the differences between years.

When we arrived in La Cruz anchorage there were 12 boats. Today there are almost 40. And over 50 boats are checking into the morning Banderas Bay net.

Another amazing thing about this year is the phosphorescence in the water! It never ceases to amaze me when we’re zooming around at night how incredibly cool it looks. It’s by far the most heavy? strong? bright? I’ve ever seen. The other evening we were leaving the marina and Pacific Jade was just behind us in the dinghy. I was convinced that somehow they had their light shining inside the dinghy as it looked like it was a hover boat. But it was the super shiny phosphorescence that lit up all around the boat, underneath, & everywhere. They got closer and it was even more vivid, the water surrounding them was lit up and the water shone as fish darted away from the dinghies came close. It’s nearly indescribable and impossible to photograph. It’s simply amazing, and we’re so lucky to be experiencing it. We’ve seen lots of phosphorescence in previous years but everyone agrees, it is a million times better this year. At anchor, each individual link glows green/blue and you can see about 2 feet down the chain with the glow of the phosphorescence. Way cool!

We’re moving into Paradise tomorrow. Well, we’re in paradise now but tomorrow we’re moving into the Paradise Village marina where we’ll spend a week getting things cleaned & repaired and will spend a fair amount of time at the pools & resort. I’m looking forward to taking a ‘vacation’ from our vacation. It’s a splurge but we’ve never been here before and we’re looking forward to relaxing & enjoying Christmas there.

You’ll find us by the pool, a drink with a little umbrella in our hands, soaking up the sunshine and finishing our books. Or you may find me in the yoga studio. Michael may be teeing up a golf ball. Who knows! But you’ll see us with smiles on our faces…

Michael soaking up some sunshine in La Cruz

Merry Christmas everyone!!

More to follow…


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Happy New Year! Looks like you are enjoying another wonderful cruising season!

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