Sunday, December 4, 2011

Virginia to Miami in 3 days 11.19.11

We hightailed it from Virginia to Florida, stopping for a short evening in North Carolina, South Carolina, & Georgia.  We’re still seeking that elusive sunshine and warm weather and hope we find it soon.  I think it was about Myrtle Beach where we stopped and finally put our toes in the water.  Brrr!!  :-)  Ahhh….but the sand was so nice!

walking on Myrtle Beach, FL

Toes in
the sand in Myrtle Beach, FL

We made it to Miami Saturday around noon but since our condo won’t be available until after 3pm we found a movie theatre and checked out the newest Twilight movie – and a fashion show that was happening in the open-air mall. 

We finally checked into our condo, a great place located right on South Beach – just inches from the water.  I was so excited to be in one place for an entire week and in a large, 2 bedroom place, I unpacked the bags I’ve been living out of, repacked all of my cold weather clothes (FINALLY!!), and even ironed!!  Oh what a treat!  Haha… 

We checked out the beach & boardwalk and found a nice place for dinner, complete with a wonderful peach sangria to round out the meal.  Ahhh…

Miami Beach

Tomorrow is a surprise for Michael….I hope he likes it!  :-)
More to follow…


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