Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Aunt Sue & Uncle David 11.15.11

We’ve spent the past few days visiting with my Aunt Sue & Uncle David in Virginia. We left Maryland and cruised down the coast, arriving Saturday afternoon to a wonderful reception. It’s been ages since I’ve seen them – we figured out we saw my Aunt about 5 years ago but it’s been 16 years since I’ve seen my Uncle. Wow! How time flies!!

We were treated with a stay in a hotel and they had placed some flowers and a lovely card inside, as well as stocking the fridge with water & soda to last our entire trip!
They were so lovely…

Flowers at the hotel

The visit was wonderful. We visited and ate – a lot! :-) haha… We were treated to their favorite restaurants – some of the best in Virginia. We got a tour of the Naval Base and got to see where Aunt Sue worked and many of the naval ships in port at the time. No photos…  We went to Virginia Beach and walked the boardwalk on a wonderful sunshiny (but windy!) day…

Aunt Sue, Uncle David, Michael, & Rene

Neptune on Virginia Beach

We hung out & watched football, ate pizza, & had a wonderful time visiting. They have two dogs, Buster & Bailee and poor Buster was frightened like crazy of us which is weird because I call Michael the ‘dog whisperer’ since he can usually get any animal to like him. But Buster just didn’t want to have anything to do with us. I mistakenly came in the front door when Buster was expecting David and think I traumatized him that evening! Haha…poor thing…

Aunt Sue & Buster

It was a wonderful visit and I miss them both like crazy. We all agreed that we wouldn’t wait another 16 years to see each other next time. We left Wednesday morning, headed for our next stop in Miami. It is in the 70’s!! Though there is severe weather heading this way…wish us luck!

More to follow!


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