Thursday, September 29, 2005

I sold my car...:(

Well, it finally happened, we sold our final vehicle, Rene’s beloved Honda del Sol. It was a sad, sad thing to see it go. We know though that it went to a good family, and will be loved just as much as Rene did. We are taking to heart President Bush’s plea for everyone to drive less…..hahaha. We’re now officially vehicle-less and are bumming rides from people, walking lots, riding our one bicycle, borrowing a car now and then, and preparing to toss the docklines for good. We also turned in our 30 day notice at the Marina effective Oct 14th and, again, it has sunk in that in 30 days, we won’t have a place to keep the boat! We MUST move – MUST take off!! :-) Will write more later....Rene & Michael


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