Monday, December 17, 2007

Getting closer... 12.17.07

We're only 3 days away until departure and the days sure seem to be flying by! Friday was Rene's last day at Livingston. There was a very nice luncheon given and Michael even attended! As much as I hate to admit, I'll miss everyone there very much. Saturday was bookwork - finishing up all of the business taxes for year-end so the accountant can file all of the final taxes for us. We laughed as we looked around and there were 3 computers up and running to accomplish this task!

Sunday was our 'normal' routine - get up, read the paper with some coffee, get ourselves organized and do laundry! Fun. fun! We had an 'open boat' party and invited some of the people who have neve seen the boat to come by.

Monday started our whirlwind week. It was shopping day! We started out the day at Fry's, then to Best Buy, then back to Fry's (we purchased a camcorder), then to the Guitar Center for a new guitar case, then Lunchtime, then to Ulta, Trader Joe's, Vons, Target, the Tax Accountant, and back home. We met Jeanne & George, & Sue & Dennis for a nice dinner at Westside Cellars. Yum!!!

Today we're off to Palm Springs to drop off Michael's car with Jennifer & Walter who will sell it for us. We'll meet the family for a dinner and make a quick turnaround back home. Wednesday is putting everything away and Thursday we're shoving off!

More to follow....


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