Thursday, January 10, 2008

Leaving Ensenada…1.10.08

Our last evening in Ensenada was a nice mellow one. After the boys finished their projects on the boat, we all got cleaned up and headed into town for dinner. Chad had suggested a restaurant a bit off the main drag called Manzanilla. It was our first dinner where we could not decipher the majority of the menu as it was all in Spanish. Both Michael & I are pretty good at getting the gist of what is on the menu but this one had us baffled. Of the 6 pages or so of the menu, we could translate only
about 2 items - crème brule & roundeye steak. Of course there were a couple things that we were pretty close at…but were pretty baffled. So we did the smart thing - we asked the waiter to suggest items! Hahaha… We ended up with the most scrumptious dinner we have had the entire trip. We started with smoked clams & a tuna tartar with avocado that was absolutely delicious. Then we had swordfish & the roundeye steak, a couple glasses of wine & a couple margaritas and we were STUFFED!! It was
yummy!! (And if you haven't figured it out by now, I loooove to eat and will continue to share what we're eating….so get used to it and skip the sections you don't like!) J

We hit the grocery store & liquor market for some beer, rum, & tequila (hey, you gotta have provisions!) and then headed back to the boat. We did one last load of laundry while playing pool again and then hit the sack.

The next morning we were finalizing all of the projects from the day before, rinsed the boat, and generally got ready for our noon departure. Our boat neighbor gave us a bag of ice for our passage which we gladly took! Michael and I showered right before leaving and we shoved off around 12:30. Getting out of the slip was fine - everyone did everything right and we were out of the slip with no problems, even with the terrible surge in the harbor.


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