Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Scorpion Bay, San Juanico 1.23.08

We arrived in Scorpion Bay, San Juanico on Tuesday, the 22nd, to rain. The trip down was fine, we left about 4:30am and arrived at about 3pm. We saw some huge fishing vessels, dolphins, & about 3 whales on our trip. Scorpion Bay is a very popular surfing spot as they have a right wave that lasts forever and ever. The surfers ride a wave in, then walk back up onto the beach to get back to the beginning of the waves again! There were several surfers in the water as we arrived as there is a South
swell running right now. Since it was raining, we hung out on the boat and admired this cute town. The next morning, Chad went over to EZ Lady to assist them with their dinghy motor which has had problems since swimming. Chad & Michael prepared our dinghy to go into town. We are still having some trouble with our dinghy motor as well, it spits & sputters at the wrong time, but it did fine getting us into shore. We timed it just right and got in with no problem - no flipping this time!! We walked
through town, visited our friends' friends, grocery shopped, walked to the end of the point, sat at a great restaurant on the point and had lunch, then walked back in town to grab our dinghy back out. The town is by far the most beautiful of any Mexican town we've visited so far! There are several big, beautiful houses in town, the main street has been landscaped, there's one paved street, & sidewalks! The whole bay is beautiful.

We walked to the Tecate house and brought a gift to the owners, Arturo & Aida, that was given to us to bring over 3 years ago! Arturo is also a local real estate agent and asked if we were interested in buying! He said he had lots in the $20K range. Our friends aboard EZ Lady were not able to get their dinghy engine running consistently enough to beach (the choke had seized) so Arturo arranged for a panga. We learned the fishermen weren't doing so well right now and could use all the work they
could get. They have all of the pangas on the beach and they have to drive a vehicle down, push the boat into the water, then they beach the boat, the vehicle hooks up to it and pulls it back uphill onto the berms, then they drive back out. We spoke to several other Americans in the town and they told us the Mexican government is attempting to turn this into another Cabo San Lucas, which is a shame. They also said they were planning to build a jetty, which would cause problems for the surfers
so they're fighting that. The land around the bay has all been pre-sold. It's too bad, this is such a cute little town and would just destroy it if they brought more and more people in. We asked how much land costs - you can get a lot in town for $10K without electricity and the same lot with electricity was $35K. Electricity is a big thing because the power grid is currently maxed out! The same lot out on the point was $150K (not a house, just the lot). We spoke to another American couple
down visiting from San Diego with their new baby, they were just here until the swell died down and would head further South. They were planning on camping ($9/day), but found a cute little palapa out on the point was only $18/day. It was an incredibly cute little shack and included one hot shower a day. It was in the shape of an octagon and had 4 cots to sleep on. It's a perfect little getaway spot!

It was still cool yesterday - in the 60's, but it only sprinkled on us a few times, no big deal. We headed back out to the boat in the dinghy - took a couple of waves over the bow, but wasn't an issue. We were warned that there was stingrays in the water at about 1 ft and to 'shuffle our feet' while in the water, which was funny. I think they were just messing with us to watch us be goofy in the water! Haha.. We got back to the boat, ate dinner (Marsala burgers, rice, & corn), & played Taboo
the rest of the evening. It rained all evening and is still raining a little bit now. It's very overcast skies, only 58 degrees. We're heading out of here today about 2pm, headed to Bahia de Magdalena (Mag Bay), another very popular stop down the Baja for cruisers. We've had no wind to speak of on our entire trip down the Baja so we've been motor sailing. We'll need a few additional groceries when we get there to get us to Cabo, and fuel. We will leave here about 2pm, and should arrive in Mag
Bay about sunrise tomorrow morning. We should get internet access in Mag Bay so I'll be able to upload the whale photos & videos. I'm messing around with it a bit to figure out how to get it out to you guys! I hope to have it figured out.

Oh, I've been asked how to see that google map that shows our position. Well, I am working on it - I've kinda screwed it up, but try this out. Go to let me know if it works. I have to work on it when I can get internet again.

{GMST}26|15.147|N|112|28.234|W|Anchored in Scorpion Bay!|San Juanico{GEND}


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