Sunday, January 20, 2008

Bahia de Abreojos 1.20.08

We left Bahia de Asuncion about 6:45am and headed out of the bay to a beautiful sunrise. It's still way too cold, only 54 degrees when we left, but absolutely beautiful out - clear skies, huge sun, & nice mellow seas. I was able to check into the net this morning and it seems there's a couple boats just a day behind us that we're anxious to meet! Most of the cruising boats are already at the mainland and are claiming it's in the 80's…I can't wait!!

Bahia de Asuncion was a nice anchorage, we were the only two boats there most of the day until another sailboat we had seen earlier in the day tucked in just before sunset. We didn't get much quality sleep in Turtle Bay because of the bouncing & rolling, creaking & groaning of the anchor lines, & anchor checks in the middle of the night so after watching a movie & dinner, we slept, a nice good quality sleep too - the anchorage was well protected & very comfortable. The first night of being in a
new anchorage is usually a difficult one as you're up checking to ensure you haven't drug anchor and making sure everything is where it's supposed to be, but last night everyone slept sound.

We arrived in Bahia de Abreojos (pronounced Ahh-bree-OH-hos) around 3:30pm. We had to slow way down and turn around as our buddy boat, EZ Lady had troubles and needed to follow us into the anchorage. We saw lots of wildlife on this trip - Chad caught 4 fish - all Bonitas so we released each of them, we saw dolphins, sea lions, and even a sea turtle! It was incredibly cool - I never seem to spot any of the sealife and I just happened to see something off of the port (left) side of the boat and
it was a cute little sea turtle only about 5 feet from the boat. Just swimming around, no problem. We're getting so good at the fishing maneuvers - when a fish is on the line, Michael slows down the boat, Chad gets on the rod, I get the camera & start filming. When the fish is being reeled in, I say how cool it looks on the surface (on each of the videos, I always seem to have that comment!) while Michael is ready with the gaff & hoop net. We identify the fish and if it's a Bonito, I hand Chad
the pliers while Michael scoops up the fish, Chad gets the hook out and Michael dunks it back into the ocean. Then I rev up the boat again and everything is put away - it's only about a 5-10 minute process! And lots of fun...I wish everyone was here!!

We are well tucked into Abreojos, in the second anchorage. Abreojos is the command to 'open your eyes' as there are several hazards - lots of submerged rocks & a huge amount of fish/lobster traps in the trek around the point. I'll report more later! I hope everyone is enjoying the Super Bowl! Go Chargers! Woohoo! (Hey, someone has to root for the underdog!) Someone please write me and let me know the score and of the cool commercials! haha...I'm pretty sure we will not get any signal on the
boat tonight.

More to follow...


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