Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shark 1 - Chad 1 1.19.08

Another day of firsts! On Saturday, we saw our first whales, probably 3-4 of them, and later in the day caught our first (2) fish! After a beautiful day of fishing down the coast, our count was Shark 1, Chad 1. We call it the fish that almost got away….as it was being pulled up, something (we think it was a shark) took a chomp out of the bottom half of the fish - a clean bite. And it was a bummer - it was a yellowfin tuna! O-well. About an hour later, Chad pulled in a 10lb or so Bonita. Not
very good eating, but was a fighter and incredibly exciting - I have video and pictures to share, but will have to wait until we get internet again. Chad cleaned the fish and Michael was there hosing down the deck while I watched, fascinated with the process.


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