Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dancing Horses 2.23.08

Are you getting tired of hearing about us relaxing yet? Well…it continues. And certainly we're getting just as tired of hanging around relaxing than you are hearing about it, I'm sure. Michael’s knee is still causing him pain and he can’t get around very well so we’re still relaxing and taking it easy. Meanwhile, I’ve joined a walking group that meets on Tues, Thurs, & Saturday that walks about a 4 mile loop down the maleacon starting at Valentino’s and ending at the Shrimp Bucket. We go from there downtown, stopping for a water or popsicle, a paper, & ending up at at the Mercado where we catch a bus back to the Marina. The walk is fantastic, past lots of beautiful sculpture, beautiful beaches, & wonderful architecture. I’ll post pictures when I take the camera with me!

So on Thursday I went for the walk in the morning and then Michael & I ventured out to the local “Mega” supermarket for a few missing groceries. There are several people in the harbor that are listing their boats so there are lots of items for sale. We purchased a surfboard from one of them, a nice almost brand new one, that we can't wait to try out.
Friday came along and we did some boat projects and prepared the boat for some visitors – Janet & Eric – on Tupo who came over for dinner, giving us their alcohol that they couldn’t drink before going home! We enjoyed some very interesting mixed drinks combining what we had on the boat with what they brought over.

Saturday morning there was a swap meet at the Cruiser’s lounge and again, I went for a walk with the girls down the maleacon. I met Janet on Deja Too…check out the website That evening, we went over to Playa Bruja again for some shows on the beach. It was 2 for 1 drinks at the restaurant which means when you order one margarita, they bring you two....immediately. We had 8 people at the table and ended up with 16 drinks sitting in front of us! It was a sight... The evening started with dancing horses

on the beach which included 4 horses and a 3 piece band. The band played and one at a time, the horses came up on a platform and 'danced' which was very cool. The evening continued with Mexican dancers very similar to the kids that danced for us at the Salvation Army show.

The evening ended with a large mariachi band playing local music. We had started the evening on our own, but met up with 3 other couples on their way to the same place on the bus and had a wonderful time visiting with them during the shows. Anne & Jeff are the couple from Ventura

Sharon & Tony on Wind Toy, and Fran & Larry.

We had a wonderful evening… I'll write more later...


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