Sunday, February 17, 2008

Resting 2.17.08

That’s all we have been doing the last few days since the Dr’s visits – resting. Although getting Michael to sit down for any length of time is nearly impossible, he has at least obliged and has been doing an activity, then resting for a bit, then attempting another activity. We have been trying very hard not to walk very far, instead taking the dinghy wherever we can. This has helped significantly and his knee seems to be getting better every day. We’ve continued to do our boat chores as much as possible, a little at a time, and Michael even zoomed through an entire book in two days – a record! On Friday, we spent several hours with our friends on Someday and then the Salvation Army Kids dance – all in the sunshine. I’ve been doing so well with keeping out of the sun for too long, but not so that day. I ended up with a pretty good sunburn on my shoulders, back, chest, & tops of my knees so I spent all day Saturday inside the boat, in a t-shirt & comfy shorts. But it was good, I was able to catch up on all of the e-mails and web updates I had been neglecting for the last week. I sent 14 e-mails, and three updates to the website and even got to upload those long whale videos! Today we washed another ½ of the boat – it sure seems to have lots of halves – top half, bottom half, front half, rear half, right side half, left side half, inside front half, etc. We chatted with Chris on Kinship, who I think is the spitting image of David Spade, about some of the upcoming events in the area (a surf competition this coming weekend, and a guitar fest that he has the pleasure of participating in and just as he was walking away asked us – “Do you want a chicken?”. We were just as dumbfounded as you are right now but he explained “there’s a great place just a little ways away that on Sundays cooks a chicken feast for only $60 pesos ($6 bucks) that is a full chicken, tortillas, rice, lettuce, & salsa.” They only do it on Sunday and you have to time it just right as they only do 100 chickens and they start selling them at 12:30 and are usually all gone by 2pm. Sure, why not! So we’re enjoying it for dinner…yum.

We decided to go over to Isla Mazatlan, the island just on the other side of our dock for a small bite. We got there and started chatting with some folks from British Columbia, enjoying a margarita. It was by far, the strongest margarita I have had for some time – it knocked me on my but!! We got back to the boat and both took naps afterwards – it’s hard work this whole cruising thing… J

We dinghy’d back to the boat and our friends from Seabird had made it back from their visit home in Santa Barbara bearing gifts!! We had been watching their boat while they were back in the states and they brought us 4 bags of my favorite crunchy crackers from Trader Joes – woohoo!! I had stocked up right before we left but was on my last bag. That’s the nice thing about having people come back & forth from the states – they can bring packages & goodies back and forth from the States. We have sent several pieces of mail with people who are flying home and they place it in the mail for us when they arrive. We have been looking for the shiv to the block that we broke and the next time someone comes back from the States, will arrange for them to bring it to us. We had hoped to have it before John & Linda on Seabird came back, but it wasn’t possible. Our friends on Chessie are returning to the states on Tuesday and will be back in 3-4 weeks so we hope to have it in time for their return. I’ve been pretty lucky, I haven’t run out of anything that I can’t find a replacement for…yet. I haven’t been able to find the crackers here and the chocolate is awful in Mexico – I haven’t found a good place to sell Chocolate yet, but luckily I still have plenty on board. It’s weird actually, there is plenty of ‘junk food’ stuff here – chips, donuts, and sweet bread stuff, but almost no candy bars & chocolate. Not that I miss it, I’m just amazed that it’s hard to find!

Tomorrow is a big shopping day. We’re planning to go into town with John & Linda and go to an English bookstore (we’ve got to find book 6 & 7 of the Harry Potter series & a Lonely Planet book for info on Copper Canyon), the Meat market as we’re out of all meat on board, and finally the coffee place – they roast the coffee right there and is fabulous!! Since the coffee place is right next to old town, we’ll check it out with John & Linda as well. Should be exciting!

Have a wonderful week and Happy President’s Day everyone!
Will write more later…


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