Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Scott’s visit 2.12.08

Our good friend, Scott from the sailboat Ocean Lady came into town late Friday evening. Scott & Liz own Ocean Lady, a 50’ Gulfstar ketch rigged sailboat that was in Channel Islands Harbor 4 years ago. They are originally from Santa Cruz and cruised down the coast and spent a couple years in Channel Islands Harbor getting the boat ready for long-term cruising. We met them on New Years day 2003 as Michael was walking Casey that morning and they were walking their two dogs. Michael struck up a conversation and the rest, as they say, is history. We became very good friends and when we purchased & moved onto Ahea Kali, we were right beside them on the dock and we got to know them even better. They left to go cruising in September 2004, one year before we were originally scheduled to leave. Our master plan was to ‘catch up’ with them as we were looking forward to cruising with them. Well, you know the story, that didn’t happen. Since they left, they have spent several seasons cruising in Mexico and further south. During their cruising we visited them on vacation two times, once in Mazatlan, the other time in Barra de Navidad & Tenacatita. They ended up finding a great surf spot in Nicaragua, just North of San Juan del Sur. They are both avid surfers and are in heaven where they’re at. They purchased a plot of land and are building a house & guest house on the property. Not able to keep both the house and the boat, the boat has been brought to Mazatlan and put up for sale. We’re heartbroken, as they are, but understand completely the financial strains of both building a house and owning a boat. Scott flew in late Friday and flew back out early Wednesday morning.

During his visit, Michael and he worked on his ‘project’ list on the boat. He had several ½ day projects to complete and together with Michael’s help, accomplished many on the list. Plus, Scott had a rental car so we enjoyed all of the trips into town for supplies & goodies. We went to the tortillaria, to the grocery store “Gigante”, to the battery shop, to Office Depot, bank, & all over town. Michael and he were very busy each day and we met most mornings for breakfast and every evening for dinner. It was great seeing & visiting with him, we miss them both a lot. Liz was unable to come as she is nursing some puppies that lost their mom before they were done nursing and hasn’t been able to find a suitable replacement for her ever 2 hour hand-feedings yet!

Somehow just before Scott arrived, Michael twisted his knee somehow and it has swollen up to the size of a cantaloupe. We’ll need to have it looked at as it doesn’t seem to be getting any better. We visited with Milan & Adrian Ford, on M/V Integrity, a 36’ Albin Trawler who are also from Channel Islands Harbor on Tuesday. They have a beautiful boat and we enjoyed catching up with them. They are here in Mazatlan in El Cid marina and have cruised for many years, originally on a sailboat in the South Pacific, where they hope to get back to! We also heard from our friends Bob & Louise on EZ Lady who has made it to La Paz and are enjoying themselves. There is a ferry that goes from Mazatlan to La Paz that we are thinking of taking to visit them and others.

I’ll write more later….


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