Sunday, February 3, 2008

Arrived in Mazatlan 2.3.08

We arrived in Mazatlan today at approx 10am. We made what is called the ‘Southern Crossing’ from Cabo to Mazatlan. The evening was a very pleasant one, not like the last trip! We had very little wind, only about 5-10knots, the seas were very stable, and the swell was only 1-3ft. We only had a couple of other ships pass us during the evening and we were in communication with our other buddy boaters Someday and Seabird all evening. We even got to do some hand bearing compass drills for approaching ships. We’re in Mazatlan Marina and are just beside our buddy boat Seabird. There is very little change in latitude between the two spots but Mazatlan is more tropical and we can already feel it. My hair has been so incredibly dry & straight lately and suddenly it’s curly again! (I knew you all wanted to know that). It’s currently 71 degrees with 65 degree water. There were a ton of stars out and I identified about 4 more constellations last night – Orion, Lepus (the rabbit), the star Sirius and the constellation it makes up – Canis Major, or the big dog, Canis Minor (the little dog), Gemini, and a cool one right on the horizon called Carina which is the ship. Jeez, those greek stargazers certainly had a vivid imagination! It’s hard sometimes to find the ‘animal’ in those constellations…haha.

We saw lots of dolphins on our trip, a marlin that jumped out of the water, another sea turtle, and lots & lots of fish. We’ve been seeing flying fish lately and they’re always fun to watch! We did the same watch schedule, 2 hours on watch, 2 hours sleep. Michael’s last watch was from 6-8 and he stayed up the rest of the time.

I worked to get the videos changed over to something usable last night – it takes a ton of time to render them. But I just let the laptop work while we were upstairs lounging in the sunshine. The weather is finally nice enough for swimsuit, shorts, & tank tops and I was lucky enough to spend a little time in the sun! On the trip over, the laptop worked away rendering the videos, I caught up with some e-mails, read, & enjoyed the nice mellow seas. Chad was fishing and finally caught something edible! A little Dorado maybe 6lbs and 18in long. It’s currently chilling in the refrigerator and we’re looking forward to a little sashimi today. Woohoo! Yumm…Sushi! I miss sushi!!

Tonight is the first parade of Carnaval. I’ll be sure to update the site as soon as I can with the details. Have a wonderful week!

More to follow…


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