Monday, April 14, 2008

Adios Marina Mazatlan 4.14.08

We have enjoyed our stay here at Marina Mazatlan over the last couple months. We've met lots of wonderful people here - both locals and other boaters. We have stowed everything on the boat as well as we can & have made arrangements for her to be looked in on, the bottom cleaned, & the dinghy engine serviced while we're away. It's a wierd feeling leaving our 'home' and heading back to California - for vacation?! But we're confident in the people we have left to tend to Ahea Kali for the next 6 months.

One of our favorite people here is Elvira (seated) who runs the office (and really the marina) at Marina Mazatlan. She is a smart, beautiful, fun, & fabulous gal who has helped us on many occasions make phone calls, arrangements, given references, directions, etc. For one reason or another, we see or talk to her almost daily and our stay at Marina Mazatlan has been enhanced by her presence.

The weather gets super hot down here during the summer - so much that the locals don't even like to be here. There are lots of boats here...but very few people stay during the summer. Most head back to the States or stay in condos in the area. It's anticipated that only about 10 boaters (or so) will actually stay on their boat for the summer.

We had some other 'Ventura' locals come & see us when Michael was laid up recovering - John & Debbie Dye off of S/V Lovely Reta.

Michael & Debbie have known each other for several years as they were both in the Real Estate business. Debbie & John headed back to the States as she requires back surgery. We wish her the best of luck for a speedy recovery! Speaking of recovery...Michael's knee is doing better. He's getting around pretty good, trying not to abuse it too much and taking it as easy as he can. So we're headed back to California tomorrow - woohoo! Drop us a line if you get a chance!


{GMST}023|16.00|N|106|27.00|W|Leaving Marina Mazatlan| Marina Mazatlan{GEND}


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