Monday, June 2, 2008

Elephant Seals 6.2.08

About 4 miles North of Hearst Castle/San Simeon is a colony of Elephant Seals that have made it home. It's right on the side of the freeway and a well known spot so it's not hard to miss the busy parking lot! It was super cold - about 58 degrees and even more windy, but we decided to brave the elements to see & watch these goofy creatures. They sunned themselves, covered up with sand by flipping their fin, & meandered up & down to the ocean.

Elephant seals were nearly extinct 100 years ago and can easily weigh over 2 tons! They make an odd guttural sound that sounds to me like they're burping and lumber around just like the 80's dance move the 'inchworm'....(come know that one...where you lay on your stomach & roll from head to foot!). It's quite a sight! It was fun to watch their expressions, see them interacting (or not!) with each other, & listening to them burp.

A must see/stop if you're heading North!

We took a video and as soon as we have a good internet...will get it uploaded!!

More to follow...


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