Monday, July 14, 2008

Lodgepole Visitor Center 7.14.08

We woke up to a fabulous morning – blue skies with puffy white clouds above, the stream lulling us away into that place of total relaxation, the scene of beautiful green fir & pine trees, & down along the river are white, red, yellow, orange, & purple wildflowers. It’s truly spectacular.

Once again we managed to blindly pick another great campsite. We’re at the Stony Creek Campground and our site is right along the creek. We were lulled to sleep with the bubbling brooke sound last night…hhmmm…

The great thing about the rain is it really brightens up the scenery! Heck, even the Jeep & tent look so much more happy having some of the dust, pollen, & grime rinsed off. Although our ‘leak proof’ tent…isn’t. It leaks in about 4 areas of the tent unfortunately, but luckily we can center the bed and it doesn’t get it wet.

We’re taking advantage of a lazy day, heading into the Lodgepole Visitor Center to do a bit of laundry & shower. We arrived around 12:45…luckily! Cause the showers closed at 1pm – 3pm for cleaning. Showers were $3.25 for 8 minutes of water. We started laundry and went to the visitors center and general store to check them out. After laundry was done & we had our ice cream snack we went back to the campsite.

We started playing dominoes as the table is perfect here. One bottle of wine later and it started to rain so we quickly packed everything up & headed for our tree cover to wait it out. The water to the bathrooms just up by us was shut off because of a leak so we had to hoof it up to the other bathrooms. Michael went over to offer his assistance/sympathy that they men were working in the rain to fix the leak. When he walked up, one of the men looked at him and asked his name. “Michael”….no, your last name….”Ditton”. Turns out the man, SGT Harvey Williams, recognized him as they were called up for Iraq and were in the same Army unit, the 729th Trans Co from Fresno. What a small world. They chatted a while and we came back to the camp…still raining. So what should we do? Have another bottle of wine! Haha… Yep, the first bottle went down so well we decided to have another and watch a movie on the laptop. As you can imagine, after two bottles of wine I was pretty toast and fell asleep during the movie (which was OK since it was a stupid movie anyway).



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