Friday, July 18, 2008

Lone Pine Campground 7.18.08

We made it to Lone Pine after a 6 hour drive down & around the Sierras. We went through Visalia, Bakersfield, & up to Lone Pine. The campground is nice although this is one campsite we didn’t pick very well. It was a walk-in campsite, meaning you have to hoof in all the equipment & leave the jeep in the parking lot. We talked to the nice camp host & he allowed us to change our site number. After we drove around the park about 4 times, we finally settled in a campsite made for an RV with a bit of shade. It’s hot today – in the 100’s and shade is a necessity. After we setup camp, we decided to check out the town of Lone Pine & find dinner there. We found a wonderful Mexican restaurant called Bonanza & sat among the locals for supper. Across the street was an internet café so we ducked in there just before she was closing & quickly scanned our e-mails & I downloaded the fix (hopefully) to my computer issue. Wish me luck!

P.S. As I sit here in the dark typing this…there is some strange critter that’s yelling at me (or so I imagine as he’s making all kinds of noise!) from the bushes just beside me & the moon is coming up over the mountain range. It’s a perfect full moon & the light is super bright just before it crests the peak – it’s beautiful. The stars are popping out like popcorn in the sky – you know how popcorn pops – one, two, then twenty, fifty, & hundreds in the bag? That’s how the sky looks….at first I can only pick out one or two, but the next time I look there’s twenty, then fifty, and finally…millions of stars up in the sky peering down at us. What could be better?!

{GMST}36|35.844|N|118|11.064|W|Camping in Lone Pine Campground!|Lone Pine Campground{GEND}


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