Monday, August 11, 2008

The WONDERful moving truck 8.11.08

All of our 'stuff' has been in storage since we moved onto the boat and took off. Most everything is tax records, pictures, and items we just can't get rid of. We have been trying to figure out what to do with it all - leave it in Ventura or move it to Texas where we have property. Michael researched what it would cost to rent a U-haul, Budget truck, etc and it was about $2,500 - wow! We looked at purchasing a vehicle and finally found something in our budget! So without further adeau...I introduce you to.....our WONDER Bread truck!!

It's a 1976 Ford Step Van that was retired out of the Wonder Bread/Hostess Snacks fleet that we saw sitting by the airport when we got back from our camping trip. There were 5 vans in the lot and we contacted the owner - a wonderful man named Billy Davis - and worked with him for several days and ultimately picked one of the 'best' trucks with decent tires, a good running engine, & no problems.

Michael wedged a 4 x 4 across front and we placed two partitions from our internet cafe across it, making a good barrier and then loaded all of our stuff into the back. And amazingly, it all fit!! Michael did his best to make the front part as comfy as he could, installing a fan and fitting the doghouse with a blanket to make it a bit cooler. He travels with the door open and the window down and lots of water! Just pray for us that we make it to Texas with no problems. We have spent the last week looking for a spare tire but unfortunately, can't locate one. See it's a weird size that's no longer made or carried anywhere. Hopefully we'll make it without any problems!

Wish us luck...


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